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Saturday 29 October 2016

Where Does The Prisoner Come From?

  Dark clouds, the sound of thunder are an indication that a storm is coming! Then a seemingly long and deserted road, which is actually a runway, and what appears to be the sound of a jet aircraft, and speeding out of the distance a green, yellow nosed Lotus Seven. Is this symbolic of ZM73 having just arrived by aircraft? And so having collected his car, drives to London. The question isn’t where is ZM73 going, we know where he’s going to, but where has he come from? If we take it as in ‘Fall Out’ when having returned home, Number 6 gets into his car and drives away. But where does he go in order to get on that road/runway at the end of the episode? Perhaps ZM73 had two calls to make, one in the country to see the Colonel as he does in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ the other in town where he goes to an office and hands in his letter of resignation to that bureaucrat sat behind a desk! If so, ZM73 was coming from somewhere in the country. And the sound of the jet aircraft might simply be a substitute for the sound of the Lotus Seven’s engine for sound effect purposes.

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