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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Citizeness No.9

    You’re good at your job Number 9, I’ll give you that. I’ve never been certain about whether you were simply assigned to Cobb, in the same way you were assigned to Number 6, or that you had truly intended to escape with him. Two things are certain. Firstly, it was Number 2 who gave you the Electro Pass, despite your own suggestion that you knew the last pilot of the helicopter, which could have only one connotation! Secondly those tears are real enough. You said that funerals always make you cry, that might be true enough, as you didn’t know that the funeral was simply staged for Number 6’s benefit. That Cobb was preparing to leave you and The Village! Also the list of those in The Village who are capable of piloting a helicopter is growing! Yes you are good at your job, but its repetitive, when we see you with Number 6 it’s as though we are watching you with your plan to escape with Cobb. So why didn’t you attempt to escape with Number 6? Because you knew it was a set up, that Number 6 had no chance of escaping by helicopter. But you could have played your part, just as you played your part at Cobb’s funeral. But if you were assigned to Cobb, were you really going to escape with him once you had obtained the electro Pass from Number 2? Perhaps Cobb led you on, is that why he didn’t want Number 2 to be too hard on you? But then you’d know nothing about that. Perhaps you had planned to escape with Cobb, and that’s why your tears are real, and not those of a crocodile!

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