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Wednesday 12 October 2016

The Schizoid Man

    To wake up one morning as someone else, must be a terrible thing. But then to be told that you bear a remarkable resemblance to someone else who looks like you, and that your job is then to impersonate him, to impersonate yourself.............well after a make-over you’d hardly recognize yourself, would you Number 6, oh sorry, that will never do. I mean Number 12.
    I’ve always been curious to know what brought Number 6 and Alison together. But that took place sometime between the end of ‘Free For All’ and the start of ‘The Schizoid man.’ Sometimes what we do not see can be more interesting than what we do. And what made Number 6 decide to help Alison with her mind reading act? I’ve always imagined that the mental link between them to be a natural thing, and that either Number 1 or Number 2 saw that, and decided to use it against Number 6 in the episode we see. And no doubt pressure was brought to bear upon Alison so that she would betray him. Oh yes, who helped Alison with her mind reading act during The Village Festival? Why Number 6 of course!

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