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Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Arrival!

   The Prisoner, having been discharged from hospital, bursts into Number 2’s office demanding the man now sat behind the desk to “get him,” meaning Number 2. But the man sat behind the desk had taken his place, he is the new Number 2. When the Prisoner asked about Cobb he told the Prisoner “We do here what has to be done. It's the law of survival. It's either them or us.” Imprison people, steal their minds, destroy them! “Depends on whose side you're on, doesn't it?” To which the Prisoner replies “I'm on our side.” What side is that then, the side which runs The Village? Because if it is, it’s a curious thing to say, if it is his former employers who put him there in The Village as a Prisoner. Unless of course the Prisoner was once working for The Village, but decided he’d had enough, and that there had been a “falling out” amongst friends, causing him to resign. And if that is the case, it’s no wonder he was brought back to The Village, as a Prisoner!

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