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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Thought For The Day

   50 years of ‘the Prisoner,’ what do you write in a book about 50 years of ‘the Prisoner?’ Why would it be called ‘50 Years of the Prisoner?’ Yes it’s been 50 years, well fifty years since the series went into production, it will be the 50th anniversary of the first screening of ‘the Prisoner’ in Britain in 1967. And yet the production of the series may have commenced in 1966, but it ran throughout 1967 and into 1968. So what do you put in a book about 50 years of ‘the Prisoner, what the same old same old? The same old regurgitated material that’s been written over and over repeatedly? Or do you have a brainwash, or a brainstorm, sit back and think, think outside the box. To come at ‘the Prisoner’ from fresh angles, to take a fresh look to see things that one has never seen before, and document them. That is what I’ve tried to do in my Prisoner based blog, and to some degree I think I’ve managed to achieve that. Granted it’s not a book, well let’s face it everything I’ve written, and continue to write about ‘the Prisoner’ wouldn’t fit in a single volume, seeing as there are some 8,550 pieces of blog on my page. What’s more my blog is free and public, open to the world, and I like to think I help promote ‘the Prisoner.’
   I’ve touched in the Pris50ner, saying that there are still mysteries which still persist within the series even after 50 years. Questions that even now remain to be answered, which will never be answered, not after all these years, and it is that which has rendered ‘the Prisoner’ with an enduring quality, which has seen it withstand the test of time. Even the re-mastered, blu-ray, High Definition technology has given ‘the Prisoner’ that “made last week” look about it. But I don’t know what would be written in a book about 50 years of ‘the Prisoner.’ Perhaps it’s something to do with the title, 50 years of ‘the Prisoner’ it’s certainly a mile stone that’s for sure, one well worth marking. I have a manuscript, it’s not about the 50 years, but it is about ‘the Prisoner, that’s why it will not matter of its not published next year. I have been tempted, really tempted to post all of its contents on my blog. But that would be giving it away, and there’s the four and a half years it took to research and write to take into consideration. So I’ll keep my powder dry for a while longer, and keep writing my blog, after all there’s always a different angle to, always something new to write about, and see in ‘the Prisoner,’ even after these past 50 years!

Be seeing you


  1. Hi David,
    Just don't wait too long, as we are not guaranteed beyond the next heartbeat. Many fans would love to see the information that you have amassed ...especially if it's information that hasn't been previously seen or heard!

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hello Karen,
      Nice to hear from you.
      Oh I am all too aware of our mortality, as I have looked death in the face before, death’s door open wide for me, but I slammed it in Death’s face!
      I can assure you, and any fan of ‘the Prisoner’ reading this, that my manuscript is full of information never published before in any previous book, or magazine on the subject. And fear not, I’ll see the manuscript published as soon as possible.

      Best wishes
      Be seeing you