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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Free For All

    All that palaver of a local election. The bother of the hustings, all those speeches, the use of the Town Hall as a polling station. The Village is nothing but a “Rotten Borough!” That’s a place where a borough is bought, and a candidate is put in place, and is thereafter controlled and manipulated by those who own that borough. In this case it’s Number 2 who is doing the manipulation, and Number 6 the controlled candidate!   
    Democracy, what democracy can there be in such a place as The Village? It’s nothing more than a detention centre where people are put who are of no longer any interest, there to remain forgotten by the outside world for as long as they shall live! To be used by those who dwell within as they see fit. The election is but for the benefit of Number 6, to weaken him, to make him talk at the end. But at least Number 6 knows that they have many ways and means, but do not wish to damage him permanently. That could well give Number 6 an edge in future episodes.

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