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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Chimes of Big Ben

    Number 2 has something of an easy ride in this episode, that it’s Nadia Rakovski who has the hard time. Imagine her horror at being half drowned, half suffocated by that white membranic thing of a Guardian! And some little time after that whilst under interrogation.....if the operator of the electrified floor hadn’t switched it  off in time, well it would have been his funeral as well as hers! And even the Colonel took Number 2’s place to interrogate the Prisoner, “the night is young and there are many questions, first why did you resign?” And it might have worked had it not been for the poor timing. But then Number 2 wasn’t in any trouble over it, he would be able to leave The Village for London without a stain on his personal file! As for Nadia, she would stress it in her report that Number 2 did his best. Well thinking about it perhaps his best just wasn’t good enough. Who was responsible for the time of Post 5’s wristwatch? And just who was Nadia going to report to? Not Number 1 obviously, as she looked more ready to leave The Village than Number 2 was. Would Fotheirngay be leaving The Village in the same helicopter as Nadia, seeing as he had to get back to London before any embarrassing questions were asked. The Colonel would be returning later, possibly after a de-briefing session with Number 2. So it wouldn’t be the Colonel Nadia had to report to, seeing as he had had firsthand experience of the failure of the plan. Perhaps Nadia had to hand her report in to those masters Cobb mentioned back in London!
    I wonder what this particular Number 2 did after this episode? Perhaps his term of office didn’t conclude with the failure of this plan. Besides the helicopter could only hold three people at a time, not including the pilot.

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