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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Familiar Scene?

     Ah there you are Drake. I’ve a little job for you.
    What is it this time?
    I want you to infiltrate The Village!
    The what?
    The Village.
    What like Colony Three?
    Yes something like that.
    Where is this Village?
    We don’t know, MI19 guard it very carefully.
    Its gong to be a bit difficult for me to infiltrate it then, isn’t it?
    Not really, all you have to do is resign!
    From what?
    Your job.
    You can hand in your resignation now if you like, I’ve written the letter, all you have to do is sign it.
    Then what?
    Go home and wait, relax, think of going on holiday somewhere, you could do with a fortnights leave.
    Just go home and wait?
    Yes, someone will be along soon to undertake the task in hand.
    Can I talk to the Colonel?
    No there simply isn’t time.
    I’m supposed to be going to my fiancée’s birthday party.
    Then Miss Portland is going to be disappointed.
    Does Sir Charles know about this?
    What tell the head of MI19 what MI9 is doing, use your intelligence Drake. Now go home.

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