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Friday, 27 January 2017

An Overweening Sense Of Self-Importance!

   The Village, what about The Village? Well one theory is that The Village is there simply for the benefit of Number 6, and everyone in it is there for his convenience. And for me this theory appears to work, well its as good as any other. If what takes place is all created in the Prisoner's mind, the whole structure of The Village as well as all the citizens, then for sure he is Number 1! What’s more he is free to do with The Village, to bring people there, and thereby free to do with its people as he sees fit. But surely as Number 2 said in ‘Dance of The Dead,’ if he insists on living a dream he may be taken for mad. Number 6 tells her that he likes his dream, then he is mad! Certainly Number 1 seems to be completely off his head when Number 6 finally gets to see him. However going back a step, in Once Upon A Time Number 6 shouts at Number 2 "In my mind, in my mind you're smart!" That's perhaps because if one follows this "all in the mind" theory, Number 6 created Number 2 in his own mind, and made him smart! And if it's all in Number 6's mind, he should always be one step ahead. More than that he’s made himself far too important, even seen to have a future with The Village, its no wonder no real harm befalls him. And it's no wonder that Number 6 plays a fine game seeing as he makes up all the rules!

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