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Monday, 9 January 2017

Thought For The Day

    The Village newspaper, or broadsheet, is The Tally Ho. I suppose it’s called that because its reporter is always on the hunt for a good story. Or once they have the scent of a good story they soon chase it down! Number 6 doesn’t run with the hounds, that must make him the hare, or fox. He was once interviewed by Number 113 when he decided to stand for election as the new Number 2. But the article accompanying the headline “No.6 Speaks his mind,” wasn’t attributed to Number 113, well of course he didn’t write it, someone else wrote that. But the article wasn’t attributed to any number, only our own reporter. But Number 113 is the reporter for The Tally Ho. So who is this “our own reporter?” Obviously it’s someone who sits in The Tally Ho office and is told what to write. The Tally Ho is not an independent broadsheet, but is controlled by The Village administration. However in later issues of The Tally Ho, the headlines and articles are not attributed to anyone, not even to “our own reporter!” “No.6 Speaks his mind?” Yes that would be right, as though The Tally Ho would be allowed to print the truth! And yet when it’s comes to Number 2 calling for an increase in vigilance, might there not be more than an ounce of truth in that article? And I’m not meaning Number 2’s paranoia, unless of course the story was itself printed deliberately so that it would play on Number 2’s paranoia!

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