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Thursday, 5 January 2017

A Favourite Scene - Dance of The Dead

    “You’re late.”
    “There’s a lot to do.”
    “Are you going in?”
    “To make my report.”
   “Does it concern me and Number Six?”
    “No……we’ll over look that, and put it down to enthusiasm.”
    “Oh thank you. Could you get me a directive about Dutton, he’s being rather difficult!”
    Surely the doctor should have used Number 42 instead of Dutton’s name, but then the television viewer wouldn’t have known who he was talking about if he had!

    Well why shouldn’t Number 2 go in, after all it is her room, and no doubt a replica of her own room somewhere at home in another place. The room itself certainly has a feminine touch {which is strange considering its current occupant} and with a French influence stemming from the 18th century. It does make one wonder if this same room is used as accommodation for all the Number 2’s, after all the Green Dome is hardly Number 2’s residence, merely an office.
   As for this room, which was probably redecorated and refurnished for each new incumbent Number 2, one can only feel for the painters, decorators, and the people responsible for furnishing all the room and cottages in The Village, but perhaps not as frequently as this particular room.
    The room is elegant and yet functional, hence the writing desk and of course the teleprinter through which Number 2 not only sends her reports, but also it seems, receives her instructions. But just a minute, does not Number 2 receive her instructions from Number 1? After all that is whom we assume Number 2 is speaking to on the telephone in that early scene. The teleprinter gives the impression that Number 2 communicates with people somewhere beyond The Village. That being the case why confine that idea simply to the current Number 2? For all we know all Number 2’s may well communicate in the same way with their masters somewhere out there, beyond The Village. And if that is the case, then I do not really see a reason for Number 1 to be anything more than just another prisoner, at this point in the series!

Be seeing you


  1. Hi David,

    All that decorating and painting to please the NEW Number 2's was certainly a way to keep the workers busy. Perhaps that was a way of keeping an "eye" on them too...not only Number 2, but the workers as well.

    After all, idle hands are the devil's workshop!


    1. Hello Karen,
      Indeed, one may suppose that with every in-coming new Number 2 that room has to be re-decorated and refurnished. But when one thinks of the cottages that have to be re-decorated and re-furnished doing the same to that single room is small fry. And besides if the Prisoners and general citizens in The Village are to be kept comfortable in familiar surroundings, then one can only expect the same for Number 2.
      They call the Green Dome Number 2’s residence, but its not, it’s only his office. What’s more the Green Dome isn’t really green , its more turquoise! I used to wonder where the Butler lived. But I imagine it’s in the little annexe at the back of the Green Dome.

      You are quite right, the Devil makes work for idle hands, as we say here in Britain. That’s why they keep the citizens occupied with exhibitions, Folk music concerts, painting competitions, and a Village festival etcetera, etcetera.

      Be seeing you