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Monday, 23 January 2017

Thought For The Day

    “Fancy living In Harmony stranger?” That’s a reference to the episode ‘Living In Harmony,’ but it’s what the committee, and the citizens wanted Number 6 to do in ‘A change of Mind.’ The citizens of The Village are sheep, and Number 6 a goat. When a goat comes amid sheep things generally happen, meaning there’s always trouble. Number 6 was brought before the committee for seemingly to attack two citizens in the woods, but that was a set up. All Number 6 was doing was to mind his own business. And yet having his own private gymnasium in the woods, preferring that to the gym in the Recreation Hall, could itself be seen as anti-social.
   Number 6 doesn’t want to live in harmony, he’s posted as being unmutual, and so the citizens will have anything to do with him. Because they are socially conscious citizen’s and are provoked by the loathsome presence of an unmutual! The citizens are misguided and manipulated sheep! As soon as they are fooled into thinking that Number 6 has undergone the operation known as Instant Social Conversion they welcome him back into the fold.
    Living in harmony that’s not for Number 6, he’s unconventional, an eccentric, and should probably be living in that cave just outside The Village, once called The Therapy Zone. He could have become the “Wiseman,” citizens looking for help would go to him, and he would offer words of advice. And in exchange they would bring him food to sustain himself. I can see him now, with long matted hair and long beard, wearing his dirty, tatty threadbare piped blazer. Would Number 2 have allowed Number 6 to live the life of a hermit? Perhaps, had Number 6 told them what they wanted to know. But Number 6 is wiser than that, if he had told them what they wanted to know, he might not have been of any further importance, and thereby no longer the centre of attention!

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