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Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Therapy Zone

   ‘The Schizoid Man,’ forget the fact that Number 6 and Alison share a mental link, that Number 6 cannot shoot right-handed, or fence for that matter. It doesn’t matter that both men appear to share the same fingerprints or that Number 6 doesn’t have a mole on his left wrist. It hasn’t even got anything to do with the fact that both men wear different piped blazers. What this episode boils down to is two photographs! Because if it wasn’t for that Polaroid photograph Alison took of Number 6, he wouldn’t have discovered the fact of his bruised fingernail, and how much the bruise had moved up the nail from the time Alison knocked over that soda siphon! That together with the photograph of Susan, Curtis kept in his wallet. Yes Number 2 did have nagging doubts about Curtis towards the end, but if it wasn’t for that photograph Number 6 wouldn’t have had any idea about Susan. Of course even without that photograph Number 2 might still have brought up the subject of Susan seeing he had doubts about Curtis, as he might not have known about the photograph anyway. But at least with the photograph Number 6 knew of Susan, even if there was no-way he could have known she had died a year ago.

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