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Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Pri50ner

    It had never occurred to me before, but the summary of ‘Once Upon A Time’ at the outset of ‘Fall Out seems extraordinarily long at 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Indeed I am in agreement with music and film editor Eric Mival, in that it was an unusually long summary of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ Generally such a summary is a few seconds only, about 30 seconds. However seeing ‘Once Upon A Time’ was originally first screened on Scottish television {part of ITV’s television regional network at that time} on January 1st, and ‘Fall Out,’ for some television viewers here in Britain, wouldn’t be finally screened by Granada on March 1st one month later, perhaps they thought that was too long a gap, and viewers of ‘the Prisoner’ might have forgotten ‘Once Upon A time’ by that time and thereby needed to be reminded. But film editors Noreen Ackland and Eric Boyd-Perkins wouldn’t have known at the time that it would be a month before Granada, part ITV’s regional network, would screen ‘Fall Out.’ So was Patrick McGoohan and David Tomblin simply playing for time by the addition of that three and a half minute summary, in order to eek out the final episode? 

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