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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How's The Professor?

    I've given him some sedation” the doctor is heard to reply. Well either the doctor is a blithering idiot....or he's simply following orders, probably the latter. Because that's not the Professor lying in that bed. It might look like the Professor, but it isn't, and what's more the doctor knows it, but still he and his nurse go through the motions of looking after the Professor's well being.
Why does Madam Professor look so shocked, unless its simply for those who are watching. That’s you and I! Number 6 is about to bring down that walking stick onto the Professor's head. But surely Madam Professor must know that that's not her husband lying in the bed! So why was it that Madam Professor screamed out the way she did? Was it for the thought of harm coming to her husband the Professor? Or was it that her “masterpiece” was about to be ruined? Was ruined, in fact.
     Then there was the puzzled look on Madam Professor's face, as though she didn't understand what was happening, as Number 6 passed a piece of her husband’s face to her. Her husband gone to pieces, and Number 6 making a mess of her masterpiece. And it was a masterpiece, No.2 had said as much to her. The Professor's head made out of wax, and Madam Professor surely must have been the creator of it. So why feign her reaction as though she had no idea of what was going on? This is one of those situations in the Prisoner when the viewer isn't sure what's going on. But in this case, I'm not sure that certain characters do either! 

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