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Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Guardians!

    The atmosphere here is very different to what it was elsewhere. Such is the line Number 6 fed the pair of guardians who approached him on the evening in ‘The Schizoid Man.’ The phrase sounds very much like it deserved an apt reply, a sort of recognition phrase spies and secret agents might use.
    So what were a pair of guardians doing out and about The Village at that time of night? We know what Number 6 was doing, he was on his way to 6 Private in order to confront his look-a-like. It might be that the two guardians were there on hand to prevent Number 6 from reaching his cottage. And when they asked Number 6 for the password, and Number 6 gave them Gemini, it was the right because it was the only password he knew, but to the guardians it was the wrong password because to them Schizoid Man was the right password. And of course having received the wrong password it was their duty to restrain Number 6, but them and whose army? A fight ensues and once again Number 6 proves that good old fashioned brute force can be very effective, and that Number 2 needs to choose better men for the job. But as well as using brute force, Number 6 soon discovers another way, a more subtle way of dealing with another kind of Guardian when he sees it guarding ‘6 private’ like a guard dog, he throws a stick for it to chase. But in this instance exchange a stick for a Mini-Moke, and it would appear that there is a limit to any intelligence the Guardian might have. Perhaps that is why it attacked Number 6, it didn’t matter which Number 6, it only needed to take its revenge on one who had made a fool out of it!

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