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Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Familiar Scene!

    I’m back!
    I can see that. For good this time, or are you going to disappear again as soon as you leave this office?
    Not if I can help it!
    So how was it D Six?
    It was no picnic I can tell you that much!  Upon my arrival in The Village I was offered breakfast twice.
    Sounds nice and friendly.
    Number Two was a charming man, the Village picturesque. I tested their security by attempting to escape twice in two days. I attempted a third escape with the help of an Estonian woman Nadia Rakovsky….
    Cementing Anglo Soviet relations eh D Six?
    Not quite like that, no. By the way both the Colonel and Fotheringay are traitors. They are in the pay of MI19.
    Yes we know, they have been replaced by the Colonel and Thorpe, but you’ll remember them.
    I then had the opportunity to run for public office, and was elected the new Number Two. During the election I attempted another escape, and failed.
   Who is this Number Two you keep talking about?
    He or she is Chairman of The Village.
   Go on.
   Then one morning I woke up to find I was completely alone in The Village!
    Don’t tell me, everyone had escaped but you!
    I don’t know.
    So you made good your escape, managing to return to
London, but then disappeared again. What then?
    I attempted an escape with the help of other prisoners.
    What happened?
    I was betrayed!
    It seems you spent a good deal of your time trying to escape!
    I was betrayed more often than not, and it all started with you!
    Don’t be like that Drake. How did you leave The Village?
    On the back of a lorry, The Village deserted! Just a minute… shouldn’t even be here! Where’s
    Jonathan Peregrine
    Oh him!
    When I came back here once before………………
    You must have stumbled into the wrong office.
Danvers’ office is the box room just along the corridor!
    As pompous as ever aren’t we! This room is hardly the height of luxury.
    I do the best I can with the resources at my disposal.
    I’ve had enough of this……I resign!
    But you have already resigned, and I’ve the signed letter to prove it. My mistake was not getting you to tell me the reason why in the first place. That’s why you were put in The Village in the second place!
   {D Six turns and storms out of the office}
   Come back D Six, where do you think you’re going?
   Just done it!
   {The man sat behind the desk picks up the receiver of the pink telephone}
   XO four here, D Six loves The Village so much…..put him back in it!

Be seeing you

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