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Saturday, 21 January 2017


    Number 9 didn’t want to escape with Number 6, because she never intended to escape, not without Cobb. So she gave the Electro Pass to Number 6 to use, knowing full well that it would get him into the helicopter but after that........ Number 6 was suspicious of Number 9, he wanted to know who had given her the Electro Pass, he suggested that it was her boss Number 2. He said he saw her leave the Green Dome. He did nothing of the kind, he saw he go in, he never saw her leave. Number 9 told Number 6 that she got the Electro Pass from the helicopter pilot, suggesting that she did more than know him, the one and only suggestion of sex taking place in The Village! But did she? I used to take her story as being the truth, that she had intended to escape The Village with Cobb, that she used her womanly wiles to get the Electro Pass from the helicopter pilot. This was because I felt sure Number 9 hated the job she was doing, if she betrayed Number 6, then she betrayed Cobb in the end, and how many more before that? You can see that she detests, even hates the work she does, its written all over her face as the new Number 2 gives her, her next assignment, that of Number 6.
   I wonder why Cobb suggested to Number 2 not to be too hard on the girl, meaning Number 9, what had she done wrong? Number 2 told Cobb not to worry as she would be well taken care of, why? After all Number 9 had done everything expected of her in connection with Number 6, her part simply to get close to Number 6 and give him the
Electro Pass which she did. Perhaps her mistake was to plan an escape with Cobb, maybe that part of her story had been true. But Cobb had been turned, and was free to leave The Village, after all he mustn’t keep his new masters waiting. And Number 9, what of her, certainly we do not see her again, so perhaps Number 2 did see to it that she was well taken care of...... what’s more the Number 9 is not reissued!

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