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Friday, 13 January 2017

Living In Harmony!

    As a general rule, they do say that a murderer always returns to the scene of his crime. But I don’t know the ruling on a murderer returning to the scene before the crime has actually been committed! So it may be wondered that they would say in this particular instance, yes an act of murder was committed in the Silver Dollar Saloon, the perpetrator was the Kid a psychotic gunslinger, the victim Cathy a saloon who was strangled to death. But the murder never physically took place, it wasn’t real, although to Cathy it might have seemed perfectly real at the time. Because some time later, Number 22 {Cathy} returned to the scene where she had been strangled to death by the Kid {Number 8} in the Silver Dollar Saloon. But Number 8 {the Kid} was already there waiting for her, such was his obsession with Cathy that he carried out the murder for real, and strangled Number 22 to death with his bare hands.

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