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Thursday, 1 March 2018


    2 is the Chairman of The Village, the Chief Administrator, inquisitor. 4 doesn’t appear, although 4 must exist, unless he or she is deceased then the number 4 ceases to exist as well. 6 we know who and what he is, a former agent of the British Secret Intelligence, now a prisoner in The Village. 8 is mostly a female orientated number, only once was this number pinned to the chest of a male. 1 we know, for he is 6, and 6 is 1, together they are their own worst enemy. And together they make the number 24681, which just happens to be my old mums Co-op dividend, or Divi number as it was known. It is a number I have never forgotten in all my years.
   The "divi" was launched in 1844 and paid out as a share of profits twice yearly to customers based on the number of the amount you spent.
   People used to keep books recording what they had spent at the Co-op. Cooperative members found the "divi" an ideal way to save, particularly those who did not have bank accounts. The "divi" ran for more than 100 years before largely dying out in the 1960s and 1970s as bank accounts became more common.

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