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Saturday 17 March 2018

March 17th

   Today is No.6’s last day at sea, which is just as well seeing as he has collapsed from exhaustion! He has done well to last this long, 25 days at sea, sleeping only 4 out of each 24 hours. And yet there has been no sign of his clothes sticking to his skin, no salt water sores. But I suppose we have to ignore that lacking piece of realism. But the adventure is not yet over.

   Sometime today he encounters gun runners, who ransack his raft, stealing what possessions he possess, and tipping the body of the seafarer into the water. The sudden immersion in cold water revives No. 6, and he manages to get aboard the gun runners boat. Eventually he overpowers them, he takes over their boat, and taking the helm steers it towards a far off light. But the two gun runners revive themselves, escaping both their bonds and the cabin they had been locked in. What follows is a vicious fight, resulting in No.6 having to jump ship.
   He is forced to swim for it, swim part of the English Channel, as one of the gun runners fires off his gun at him. Tomorrow morning he will wake up having been washed ashore at Beachy Head.

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