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Monday, 19 March 2018

Caught On Camera!

  No point looking up there Number 6, the plane has long since departed on its way to………well there’s going to be an accident somewhere at sea. I can see the headline now, ‘Plane Lost Over Sea. No Hope of Survivors.’ So to the rest of the world you’ll be dead, so live with it! But why your death should have been reported in The Tally Ho I’ve no idea, seems a bit ridiculous when you think about it. Well that’s the way of it originally, Mrs. Butterworth handing you a present wrapped up in a copy of The Tally Ho with the headline ‘Plane Lost Over Sea. No Hope of Survivors.’
    It is unknown if the headline would have been accompanied by a photograph of Number 6 along with an article. But anyone in The Village having read that would see you out and about The Village the next day, and so know you are not dead! So what would be the point in The Tally Ho printing the story?
    In that final scene, which was cut from ‘Many Happy Returns,’ it would have been better for Number 2 to have presented you with a copy of the Sunday Mirror as suggested by the following MOCK front page.
      A curious thing, the picture of the Gloster Meteor jet used in the mock front page, is of one having been refuelled at RAF Gibraltar in the 1960’s. A case of life imitating art one might say, it’s the same type of Meteor as seen in ‘the Prisoner,’ including canopy, but with the addition of long range fuel tanks!
   The story about the Torrey Canyon disaster is right for the time, March 18th 1967, when she ran aground off the coast of Cornwall that morning. Which means the English channel would have been even busier than usual when Number 6 swam part of it! In fact he was lucky not to have swum through an oil slick as it was blown by wind and carried along by currents towards France!

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