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Thursday, 29 March 2018

A Change of Mind

    Number 2 wants to steal the citizen’s minds according to Number 6. At least one citizen has undergone the complete personality change, but did it work every time? It might not have done, it might have had no affect on the patient at all, or it might have taken away the patient’s mind altogether. Number 2 enjoys watching Number 6 as a loner, withstanding real loneliness, but for Number 6’s sake, he hopes it will not be for long. Did you hear that, not for long, and taps the side of his head.
   It was just as well that Number 86 was well sedated, and that Number 6 is a dab hand at hypnotism, that made it easy for him to hypnotize 86. It’s sickening isn’t it? Well I find it so, that there is nothing Number 6 cannot turn his hand to! But I suppose its just as well, otherwise I couldn’t see how Number 6 was going to get himself out of this one, and at the same time bring Number 2 down....... when the clock strikes four this is what I want you to do. “Number 2 is unmutual, unmutual, social conversion for Number 2.....” But he was safe from the citizens pursuing him wasn’t he? In his office, safe behind those blast proof doors.

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