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Saturday, 3 March 2018

The Arrival

    The arrival against arrival, so what’s the difference? One is the act of someone or thing having arrived, against the action or process of arriving, or a person who has arrived somewhere.
    ZM73 as was his code name before he went and chucked his job in, was considering going away on holiday. We do not know whether this was before he resigned his job or after because there is no indication of time. He did think of
Ireland, but decided it was a bit too cold that time of year. Paris.....maybe not, no he didn’t want to go and attend any more of Madam Eungadine’s celebrated parties for fear of who he might meet there. And this links ‘The Arrival’ to ‘A B and C,’ because in that episode it was proved he really was going on holiday, but not big boots and fishing sticks. He had somewhere quiet in mind, somewhere different where he could think. And look what happened when he did attend one of Engadine’s parties, he met up with a one time friend and colleague, who abducted him from the party to a chateau somewhere in the countryside. That’s what would have happened had they not got to him first and abducted him to The Village! He may have escaped the chateau, but there’s no escaping The Village, as Number 2 proved.
    “I think I’ll let him keep the watch Cobb, just as a reminder that escape isn’t possible.”
   Was Cobb assigned to The Village just so that he could have Number 6 meet up with him, if so why? And why the need to stage Cobb’s funeral, what did it matter to Number 6 whether Cobb was alive or dead, he wouldn’t be seeing Cobb again!

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