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Tuesday 13 March 2018

Village Life!

    “Oh well, another day.”
    “Another credit Unit!”
    “What’s on the agenda today?”
    “Number Two ordered tea and biscuits for his elevenses the other day. The
Butler brought in the tea, and two digestive biscuits.”
    “What’s wrong with that?”
    “Number Two asked the
Butler if there were no proper biscuits.”
    “Proper biscuits, what did Number Two mean by that?”
    “Biscuits with the cream inside.”
    “Oh. And what did the
Butler say?”
    “You know the
Butler, he never has much to say for himself.”
    “And now we have to sit on a Committee to discuss the question of biscuits!”
    “It’s more serious than that.”
    “How so?”
    “Biscuits could be but the tip of the pyramid. Biscuits today, our jobs tomorrow!”
    “A question of Government funding!”
    “If they can no longer provide proper biscuits with our tea, bigger and larger cuts will follow.”
    “They wouldn’t close The Village down?”
    “It might come to that one day.”
    “It’s a beautiful day in The Village, lets not spoil it.”
    “Let’s not waste it!”
    “Tea and toasted tea cakes at the café at lunchtime.”
    “Can we afford tea cakes, if we can’t afford biscuits?”
    “Yes, I’ve just had my weekly allowance made up!”

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