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Sunday 25 March 2018


    Temperance, meaning the abstinence from alcoholic drink,  something which is practiced by the whole of The Village community. Well not really, temperance is enforced on the people, something on the lines of prohibition in the America of the 1920’s and 30’s. 
   Gin, whisky, vodka, looks the same tastes the same, but it won’t get you tiddley! In fact there is no alcoholic beverage in The Village whatsoever, not even being brewed in what Number 2 was pleased to call the Therapy Zone. He described it as being a place where you can be an alcoholic in perfect privacy, just as long as you rejoin the flock in good time. Well if you believe that, you’ll believe anything! In the Cat and Mouse nightclub it’s all they serve according the waitress Number 265, no alcoholic drinks are served here sir. But I tell you what, there might only be bottles of non-alcoholic gin whisky, vodka in the optics. However there are a good many different bottles of drink behind the counter, which are unidentifiable. But one thing is for sure, they are not labelled Village drink! There are bottles on a shelf that look like cordials which share a very distinctive label. While on the top shelf there are smaller bottles which could be limeade and strawberry fizz, it’s clearly difficult to say.
   So Number 6 appeared to leave the Cat and Mouse in a state of inebriation singing about voting for him then he’ll be ever so comfortee. So how did Number 6 get in such a state? If it wasn’t the drink, had it something to do with that waitress carrying about that large pot with smoke issuing from it? Was that substance something more than incense burning? If it is then no else is affected!

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