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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Schizoid Man

The Schizoid Man

    The password is Gemini, only it wasn’t, well it was as far as Number 2 was concerned because when it all starts even he won’t be able to tell the two 6’s apart. What, not even when one of them is wearing a white blazer!
   Gemini the sign of the twins, and twins figure large in ‘the Prisoner,’ I won’t bother to list them, you know who they are. But with Number 6 it appears The Village is dealing with triplets for possibly the first time, Number 6, Curtis, and Number 1! Okay Curtis is the odd one out who just happened to bear a remarkable resemblance to Number 6 that’s all. After all we all have a doppelganger somewhere in the world, how would you feel if one day you found that someone resembling you was impersonating you, slowly but surely taking over your life to the point that your friends and family no longer recognize you. In fact there comes the point when they consider you to be the impersonator, and cast you out, your life, your identity, gone forever because no-one will believe who you really are. There would be only one thing to do, to take the place of your impersonator. In other words do to him what he has done to you and get your life back!

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