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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

60 Second Interview No.46

    No.46 “Can you hear anything?”
    “Hear anything?”
    “Yes, can you hear anything?”
    “What are you listening for?”
    “I don’t know, I can’t hear anything.”
    “This man’s next to an idiot!”
    “How do you do, I’m Number Forty-Six,”
    “I’m Number One, one three, and this is my photographic colleague Number one, one three b, we contribute to The Tally Ho.”
    No.113b “Smile!” Click goes the camera.
    “Why were you standing there with your ear pressed up against that loudspeaker?”
    “Trying to hear something.”
    “Because when I was posted disharmonious, life became difficult. Then once I had been declared unmutual…….the whole community turned against me! Certain privileges which are the right of every citizen were suddenly withdrawn. My telephone was cut off, my weekly credit allowance dried up, I couldn’t buy a cup of coffee for love nor money, and no more taxis, I had to walk everywhere. And now it seems I’m no longer allowed to listen to public information announcements, not even to the local weather” forecast!”
    “So you’re an unmutual?”
    “No, not now I was saved, I’m one of the lucky ones!”
    “One of the lucky ones, yes I’m sure you are.”
    “Yes, but I still can’t hear anything!”
    “That’s lucky for you believe me!”
    “Oh well must be going. See you soon.”
    No.113b “Smile.” Click goes the camera
    “See you soon? That sounds like a salute One one-three b.”
    “It’s not the same as be seeing you is it!”
    “No, it’s another way of saying it though.”
    “There’s a story there I shouldn’t wonder.”
    “Yes, how do they filter public address announcements, including the weather forecast so that Unmutals can’t hear them?”

    “See you soon.”

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