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Friday, 23 March 2018

The Queens Pawn

    Number 6, the white Queen’s pawn makes but one move on the chessboard pawn to Queen four, but at least he does attack a bishop. The Bishop told the pawn that he was safe protected by the Queen, and he was right, the Bishop was moved away from the attack by the pawn. The Rook showed individual tendencies when he made that move of his without Number 14 telling him to do so. The Rook put the opposing King in check, but he didn’t, because black had castled earlier in the game, and the King was protected by the King’s Rook. But Number 6 noted this man with an independent mind, and took him under his wing. Lucky for Number 6 that Number 58 {the Rook} was an electrical engineer, otherwise there would have been no radio transmitter with which to send a mayday call. Just a minute, couldn’t Number 6 construct a radio transmitter? Seeing as he can turn his hand to most things!!! This is the first and only time Number 6 couldn’t do something for himself! Mind you there is a much simpler way to send a pigeon!

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