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Tuesday 13 March 2018

The Man In The Mirror

    So how does one get to meet one’s alter ego, your other self? Number 6 had earned the right to meet Number 1, that meeting no matter how fleeting, was with his other self. And we know how that turned out. For Jeremy Dilke it was ‘The Man in the Mirror,’ a 1936 British comedy film, directed by Maurice Elvey and starring Edward Everett Horton. The film concerns a withdrawn Jeremy Dilke, a meek, mild-mannered businessman who allows everyone to use him for a doormat. One evening Dilke is surprised when his reflection in the mirror, not only speaks back at him, but actually steps out of the mirror and telling him he is his brusque assertive alter ego. “I am the man you have always longed to be.” Armed with his newfound confidence, Dilke becomes a go-getting dynamo, much to the delight of  Helen Dilke, who knew he had it in him all along.

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