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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Village Life!

    “Don’t go.”
    “I must.”
    “There’s a reason.”
    “Number Two wants you to go…or does she… I playing her game or yours?”
    “Not mine.”
    “Don’t mind me…go if you like………can I ask you a question?”
    “Why do you wear your cape inside out?”
    “Am I?”
    “Everyone else wears their capes stripes outwards, you wear yours lining outwards, that’s inside out in my book!”
    “Number 2’s butler………”
    “What about Number Two’s butler?”
    “He wears his cape inside out!”
    “Well he would wouldn’t he? Colourful stripes would be too garish for him….but you.”
    “I’m being individualistic!”
    “Just by wearing your cape inside out?!”
    “It’s a beginning.”
    “But I’m the only person who’s noticed!”
    “My Supervisor has seen me wearing my cape inside out!”
    “And what did he say?”
    “And what did she say.”
    “She didn’t say anything.”
    “She didn’t report you to Number Two?”
    “No, I don’t think she took any notice!””
    “Going well this demonstration of individualistic tendencies of yours. Why don’t you resign?”
    “And end up like you?”
    “There are worse things.”
    “Yes having to be your Observer!”

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