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Friday, 9 March 2018

A Favourite Scene In A Change of Mind

   Although Number 6 thinks he has undergone the full personality change brought about Instant Social Conversion, he still has doubts, aggression even, something which the drug Mytol is unable to counter.
   Number 6 eventually returns to the place where it all began, to his private gymnasium somewhere in the woods. Looking up at the high bar he makes to jump up at it, then attracted to the punch bag he clenches a fist but he can’t quite bring himself to punch it. Not so full of himself now he’s not, too much the social convert with not so much punch in him now. So here we are, back again, and it was Number 2’s bully boys who first picked a fight with Number 6 so that they could report him to the Committee for having beaten them up! Now here they were again, looking to finish some unfinished business, so they could extract their revenge upon Number 6. And yet two punches to Number 6’s face is enough, and by the end of the fist-fight Number 6 is restored to his old self. Perhaps adrenaline is a natural antidote to Mytol! It is interesting to see that two punches to Number 6’s face is enough to bring him back to his senses, similar to when Number 58 slapped Number 6 around the face in ‘Free For All.’
  And to think, that if Number 16 and his mate {I cannot make out his number} had not gone back to extract their revenge on Number 6, he might not have returned to his former self quite so quickly. Certainly not until the affects of the Mytol sedative had completely worn off!

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