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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Dance of The Dead

    The Prisoner is put on trial, as though what he has already been put through has not been a trial for him! His crime is the possession of a radio, although the Prisoner had no radio of his own, there being no radio he could have borrowed, so when acquiring one he made a positive effort against the community. But the one question the prosecutor did not ask the Prisoner is, where did he get the radio in the first place? Because no matter what Number 240 thought, someone in The Village had a radio, and that person was Number 34! Unless of course both the body and the radio were planted so Number 6 would wake up on the beach that morning to discover the body, and find the radio. But why? Was it simply part of an elaborate plan to put the Prisoner-Number 6 on trial, to what final purpose? It seems such an elaborate plan to go to. But then that’s Number 2 for you, he/she goes to such lengths just for very little gain!

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