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Monday, 19 March 2018

Many Happy Returns No.6!

   “You see, I kept my promise, many happy returns Number Six!”
   “There are only six candles.”
   “Well what do you expect, a birthday cake?”
   “You know what you can do with that!”
   “Don’t be like that. You only have yourself to blame.”
   “How do you make that out?”
   “You manage to escape. You even manage to return to
England, London, and your home. And what do you do almost as soon as you arrived? You couldn’t wait to leave London behind and make your way back here to Shangri-la!”
    “It’s all been a complete waste of time!”
    “Blow out the candles, and I’ll cut us both a slice of cake to celebrate your happy return, and my first day in The Village.….oh and you won’t forget you owe the General Store nine hundred and sixty-four Credit Units will you?”

Be seeing you

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