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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Mind The Fall Out!

   The President said of Number 6, “Lead us or go. In this connection we have a prize. You will see that your home is being made ready.......” As was his Lotus 7, no doubt valeted, washed, polished and delivered to No.1 Buckingham Place in readiness for its owner returning home. Just a minute!
    After the motor mechanic had left the Lotus 7 parked outside the house awaiting the return of its owner, KAR 120C must have been left standing there alone and uncared for, for a few days considering the time it took it’s owner to return home. Because despite the wild held belief that The Village is situated somewhere at the end of the A20, evidence within ‘the Prisoner’ series demonstrates that that is not the case. Just because after the Scammell Highwayman Transporter crashes through the iron gates at the end of the tunnel, travels a short distance on a country road before driving onto the A20 between Dover and London, is no evidence that that tunnel is anywhere near the A20. Taking into consideration the location of The Village in ‘Many Happy Returns’ it would certainly have taken Number 6 and his three confederates a few days to return to London……even if Number 48 was dropped off on the way!
   Two things strike me, one is the fact that the mechanic left the keys in the ignition, so it’s surprising the car wasn’t stolen. And secondly the single yellow line which restricts parking on that side of
Buckingham Place, so it’s a wonder the Lotus having been left standing there for a few days wasn’t covered in parking tickets!

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