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Monday, 5 March 2018

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    Number 2 says he likes to play with all the cards on the table, but surely he or she keeps at least one ace up his or her sleeve, and that’s not playing the game according to Hoyle! For example who would have bet money on Number 58 turning out to be the new Number 2? And Number 2 was playing with a stacked deck, because he knew that Number 6 wouldn’t be able to turn down such an opportunity of standing for election, not if there was really a chance of him being elected as the next Number 2. Look at the way all the election placards had been prefabricated with Number 6’s face printed on them. And they knew what Number 6 would do if he were to be elected, that he would organise a mass breakout. Number 6 had no chance, that’s why they allowed the election to go ahead, knowing that Number 6 would never succeed. The cards were stacked against him! But then what did he care, he had nothing better to do. And yet had Number 6 not gone for it, what then? There could not have been an election without Number 6, too much time and effort had already gone into it, and those prefabricated election placards couldn’t be altered in the time. So Number 6 stood for election and played his hand as best he could. I wonder if he really, truly believed that he had actually won that election, he was drugged at the time you’ll recall, and his mind conditioned right through the election. There were times when his real self broke through, but Number 2 was always in control, a master manipulator of such a community as that. But what was achieved in the end? To my mind very little, Number 6 was still as stubborn as ever in that he wouldn’t talk. It was such an elaborate plan to hold such an election, whether it was real or not. And it demonstrates that there was no suggestion of them running out of time, in fact time wouldn’t become a factor until later in the series.
   A very interesting episode, and very enjoyable to watch. But quite superfluous in an effort to make Number 6 talk, and really bearing no relevance to achieving that end. At the end the new Number 2 asked Number 6 if he was ready to talk, but that was only after he had taken a beating at the fists of the two motor mechanics!

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