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Friday, 9 March 2018

Play in Three Acts

    Three doses of a drug played out in three acts. Well the first act didn’t go so well, but Number 6 did meet up with another old friend and colleague. There’s one thing about Number 6, in his former life he was always losing friends and colleagues. There was Chambers, Cobb, and Dutton, not to mention the Colonel, or Colonels, and Fotheringay, most of whom went to work for The Village, and possibly others we have no knowledge of. And now there is chap ‘A’ who made world news a few years ago, a defector but one who didn’t end up working for The Village!
   Act 2 didn’t go much better than act 1, all of Number 6’s former friends and associates appear to have been spies and secret agents! As for act 3, the best that can be said about that is, the one thing Number 2 discovered is Number 6 wasn’t selling out, that’s not why he resigned. You see he really was going on holiday, just as he was planning before he was abducted to The Village!
   Number 2 had Number 6’s whole life researched and computed, I wonder how long that all took, because it was a complete waste of someone’s time!

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