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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Quote For The Day

              {Number 2 – The General}
    Yes why indeed? Why should a failed Number 2, who not only brought about the downfall of Speedlearn, saw the General destroyed, together with the deaths of the Professor and Number 12 through his underestimation of Number 6, gain a second term in office? Perhaps it was thought this Number 2 would have better luck being a simple administrator overseeing the educational experiment of Speedlearn, that he had trying to extract the reason behind Number 6’s resignation! But that failure should have told Number 2 something even if he had learned nothing. To never underestimate Number 6, but Number 2’s arrogance should have told him never to underestimate Number 6! Who knows, Speedlearn might well have turned out to have been a successful experiment had Number 6 not involved himself. But the moment he did Number 2’s fate was sealed, and in the most dramatic way. ‘The General’ is one of the worst failures suffered by any Number 2, but for this 2 personally as if ‘A B and C’ wasn’t bad enough......... but then for each evildoer comes Nemesis!

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