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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Quote For The Day

    “That I’m still myself.”
    “Lucky you.”
            {Number 6 and the maid-Number 54 – Dance of The Dead}

    Yes lucky Number 6, he’s had his own suit specially delivered for the occasion of Carnival and he sees that as him still being himself. Lucky him? Yes when you think about it, because he’s one of those prisoners who have their breakfast brought to them by their personal maid! Mind you by the time it gets there the breakfast would be cold anyway, so perhaps he’s not so lucky to enjoy such a privilege. In a later episode it looks like that privilege has been taken away from him, because he’s either having to make his own breakfast, or he puts up with having a sandwich and cup of tea. Mind you there’s one thing to be said about Number 6, he knows how to make a decent cup of tea, and gives us a lesson in such. Number 6 is nothing if not domesticated, but I cannot see him flicking a feather duster about the cottage or doing the vacuuming, can you? As for his suit of clothes they must have allowed Number 6 to keep them a while, as they can be seen hanging up in his wardrobe when its being searched in ‘The General.’ It must have been sometime after that they took his suit away and put it on his effigy in that cloakroom! I wonder who modelled that effigy, perhaps it was the Professor’s widow!

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