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Tuesday 8 January 2019

A Favourite Scene In Arrival

    Dark clouds and the sound of thunder over a long deserted road, well in this case a runway, and a speeding Lotus 7. So where has he been, where is he coming from and going to? We soon discover that he was on his way to London, so it follows that he’s been in the countryside. Perhaps, as in ‘Many Happy Returns’ he had two calls to make, one in the country and another in town, like it was in ‘Many Happy Returns.’ We know who he was going to see in town, but in the country, might that not have been Colonel James at his country residence, or perhaps the golf club! The second call was to a man sat behind a desk in an unknown office possibly in Whitehall. The man storms into the office, paces up and down as he shouts the odds at the man seated behind the desk. Then slams down a letter marked private, personal by hand, on the desk, followed by his fist, as though to put force behind his point, then storms out of the office. No I had not forgotten, upsetting the cup, saucer and side plate!
   So this letter, which we assume is the man’s letter of resignation, why not hand this letter to the Colonel instead of that bureaucrat in that office somewhere in a building in
Whitehall? Don’t tell me that this man sat behind the desk is higher than the Colonel in the Civil service. If not, then he would only have to pass on the letter to the Colonel himself!

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