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Thursday 31 January 2019

Quote For The Day

   “All we ask is your complete confession.”
                     {The voice on the tape recorder – A Change of Mind}

Confession is seems is good for the soul, see how Number 99 felt after confessing that they are right of course, quite right. That he is inadequate, inadequate, inadequate, inadequate, disharmonious, believe him, believe him, believe him! And yet he was told what to say, but that doesn’t make 99 believe what he was being forced to say. Number 86 was another who suffered the shame of being posted disharmonious, which must have been terrible for her. Equally she would have made an excellent Committee member if her attitude is anything to be judged. Her confession being that she was at fault, and yet Number 86 is a doctor, making it difficult to believe that she was ever disharmonious, seeing as it is she who heads the social group meeting, and carries out the operation known as Instant Social Conversion. A person like that would never be disharmonious, she’s part of the system, and part of Number 2’s game!

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