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Friday 4 January 2019


    The Village is a place where people turn up, well they don’t just turn up, they arrive there having been abducted from all kinds of places and situations. People who know too much, well that would be right, or too little, well that would be Number 42 better known as Roland Walter Dutton. That’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it? Roland Walter Dutton, I mean why not simply Roland Dutton, after all how many people actually use their middle name? So why was Dutton brought to The Village if he didn’t have access to the “vital stuff,” don’t tell me he’s another who chucked in his job! Generally people are taken to the Village who cannot be left to roam free at large, the knowledge inside their heads being of great value to one side or another, knowledge which is to be either protected or extracted, depending on whose side you are on. So there’s no danger of just anyone being abducted to the Village, not ordinary Joe public. Ordinary run of the mill people are not important enough, not even if they have resigned their job, they end up at the Labour Exchange, or the Job Centre as it’s now called. That’s where they want to know all about you, and you walk out having been pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed and numbered! But they don’t make you wear a badge, nor do they give you a new set of clothes having burned your old ones. Mind you not everyone was forced to wear a badge in the Village, just ask the Butler. And prisoners own clothes were not taken away and burned because some people, the fortunate ones, were allowed to wear their own clothes. Not that the Professor and his wife ever went out into the Village much, if at all, they were not allowed to. Mind you the Professor did manage to break out of the house, escaping through the Village and down onto the beach. I wonder how he managed to get out from under the nose of his ever caring doctor? Perhaps he had help from Madam Professor. Having made a wax model of her husband’s head she laid it on the pillow of the Professor’s bed in order to fool, the doctor. Later it was used to fool Number 6!

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