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Wednesday 2 January 2019

Village Life!

     “Who is that getting out of the taxi with Number Two?”
     “That’s the new Number Six.”
     “Acquisitions have had the very devil of a time with his cottage, with the fixtures and fittings, not to mention the furniture, personal possessions, knickknacks and the like.”
     “You should have brought them to The Village from his house in London.”
     “We thought of that, but Number Two said it was a waste of time and manpower, as one day they might have to be taken back. So what we couldn’t purchase we’ve had to replicate right down to the last detail.”
     “Why’s that then?”
    “Apparently he has a strong sense of possessions, so everything has to be just right, exactly the same in fact.”
    “And his cottage?”
    “The only spare building has been the round house, so we had to adapt it accordingly, everything on the ground floor.”
    “But isn’t it supposed to be a home from home, exact to the original?”
    “Well yes, that’s what they say, but the only part which could be described as being a home from home is the study. And that back wall, we had to lose that once the new occupant had become accustomed to his new surroundings. And that’s another thing, the interior of the cottage had to be completely gutted after the previous occupant had left.”
    “What happened to him?
    “Who Chambers?”
    “Yes, Chambers.”
    “He was released and sent back to
London to retake his position in the Foreign Office in order to continue the good work.”
    “I used to work for the Foreign Office, until I was posted here.”
    “I used to work for a firm of Undertakers.”
    “You fitted in straight away as I remember, our uniforms both gye weel for the jobs in hand!”

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