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Sunday 6 January 2019

Caught On Camera!

    Number 2 is leaving The Village! It would seem that piloting a helicopter isn’t as difficult as at first it might appear. After all Number 6 could do it, and the Butler of course, and now a former Number 2. Although he’s not trying to escape, as he’s also on the telephone to the new Number 2.
    “Just on my way. Everything go according to plan?”
    “Don’t worry. All will be satisfactory in the end. Give my regards to the homeland.”
    So what exactly was the plan behind the idea of the election, and what exactly was achieved by running it? More than that, how come Number 2 is piloting the helicopter himself? Where is the regular pilot? What’s more, this Number 2 appears to have been wearing his own clothes during his term in The Village. What makes me think that? Because he didn’t change his attire before departing The Village, he’s still wearing that very distinctive jacket, and a dark blue polo neck jersey {should be grey} and since when does any Number 2 wear black trousers?

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