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Sunday 6 January 2019

The Escape

    “Do you think this is a good idea?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “It seems we’ve been digging this tunnel now for weeks, months.”
    "Not months."
    "Well weeks then."
    “Well we have been clever hiding the sand, but where exactly is this getting us?”
    “If my calculations are correct, we’ll be free!”
    “If! Where exactly do you expect this tunnel to come out, if your calculations are correct?”
    “On the far side of the estuary.”
    “You realize just how far that is don’t you?”
    “Well yes, but not to the exact foot.”
    “When do we begin to dig upwards?”
    “How soon?”
    “And if too soon we’ll flood this tunnel with water from the estuary.”
    “Yes, but not if the tide’s out!”
    “How do you know if the tide’s out?”
    “The tide has been out this past week, so where’s the danger?”
    “Then why couldn’t we simply have walked across the estuary?”
    “Because the tide was in.”
    “It’s been out his past week!”
    “I know, but there is the other danger.”
    “What danger?”
    “Don’t you know?”
    “Know what?”
    “How long have you been in the village?”
    “Quite recently.”
    “And you don’t know about the Guardian?”
    “ wouldn’t be like a white balloon would it?”
    “Well it’s here!”
   There came a blood curdling sound, something crossed between a roar, Gregorian chant, and someone breathing through an aqua lung but somehow muffled in the sand as its white membrane filled the tunnel cutting off the two men’s escape.

Be seeing you 

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