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Tuesday 29 January 2019


    If Curtis had not died, this might have been another mission for him. He had the looks for the job, if not the mind for it, and yet they had the Seltzman machine for that. Number 6’s mind transferred into the body of Curtis, at least he would have felt more at home than he would have done as the Colonel. But of course it would never have worked, once Number 6 had woken up back in London his mind housed in Curtis’ body, well who knows what would have happened then. Certainly there should have been no need for him to have gone looking for Professor Seltzman! He would have been reunited with his fiancée Janet that morning she came calling, and then surely he would have gone running to Sir Charles Portland. But then what? Spill the beans to him about The Village, or to hand in his letter of resignation? If he had he’d have ended up waking up in The Village as himself. But then what? To undergo a second mind transference in order to render him whole once again?

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