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Tuesday 29 January 2019

The Therapy Zone

    What’s Number 6 doing as a child-minder? Who would want Number 6 as a child-minder? I mean look at the expression on the man’s face! Whose children are they, and why would anyone in the village be in need of a child-minder in the first place? Where did the parents of these three children go in the evening in order to require a child-minder?
   I suppose there might have been some form of evening entertainment, a music concert perhaps. Then again the parents might have been working the nightshift in the Control Room as Observers! To ask Number 6 to be their child-minder is one thing, for Number 6 to accept is quite another. Surely there was someone else they could have asked to look after their three children. Oh I know the whole thing was a set up, so as to try and get Number 6 to drop his guard with children in the hope he might give something away. But surely someone would have had to approach Number 6 and ask if he would act as child-minder to their children in the first place. And so why did Number 6 accept, unless he realized it was another ploy on Number 2’s part to try and get him to talk. As indicated by the placing of the toy clown in front of the camera lens…………... he knew all the time!

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