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Tuesday 29 January 2019

Chimes of Big Ben

    As Number 8 wakes up on her bed, in what she thinks is her own home {forgetting Nadia is an agent assigned to The Village} Number 2 sees it as being quite like old times isn’t it Number 6 “Do you remember your first day?” As it is it must have seemed just like yesterday. However it would have been a few months ago had ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ taken place later in the series as originally intended! And lets not forget Number 2, it wasn’t exactly by accident that one day he should be abducted, and wake up in The Village amongst them as a prisoner. So its not surprising that such a community should find a use for such a man considering his background working in either from the Foreign Office or the House of Lords where he wielded a not inconsiderable power. He has had the ears of statesmen, Kings and Princes of many lands. He has swayed governments, policies defined, and revolutions nipped in the bud at a word from him in the right place and at a propitious time.
    After spending a night reciting nursery rhymes to the slumbering Number 6 in ‘Once Upon A time,’ Number 2 pulls back the curtains and looks out of the window seeing the waitress setting up the tables at the café. Perhaps that in itself reminds him of his first day waking up in The Village!

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