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Thursday 31 January 2019


    Colonel Hawke-Englishe is the odd one out, or at least that is how it appears, that he is the only one in his position not to have had any contact with the village! Of course one can never be certain about Colonel James one way or the other, as he keeps his cards very close to his chest. He could have been playing the game either way, which makes it extremely difficult to make up ones mind whether he already knew about the village and so being in pay of those “masters” behind it. Or if he was genuinely trying to help his ex-colleague! But at least with Colonel Hawke-Englishe we know where he stands, at the crease just in from of the stumps on a very sticky wicket! Working as a field agent he has been on the trail of the Girl Who Was Death, and hopes she will lead him to Professor Schnipps, a mad scientist hell bent on destroying London, obliterating it, wiping it off the face of the earth! But he like his predecessor in Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling who comes to a band end, having been forced to have a change of mind, while Hawke-Englishe was blown to pieces at the wicket by an exploding cricket ball. Who turned these two Colonel’s into field agents is unknown, perhaps the department was merely short of agents, suffering from sudden defections, resignations, sudden disappearances, and goodness knows what. But if only Potter had been paying greater attention to what was taking place, and less to a pair of shapely legs he might have saved the Colonel, and not have been put out in the “cold!”

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