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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Village Life!

    “Warm for the time of the year.”
    “Yes I was only thinking that myself. Do you know we’ve hardly had any rainfall for almost a month now.”
    “The last time it rained was on August the twenty-third, and although it rained for two days we had less than two inches of rain. In fact we are due for another fine spell of weather that’s likely to last another month. The thing is The Village enjoys an temperate climate, which means we have a less than moderate rainfall. We have less than the average rainfall at this time of the year, with only a twenty percent chance of rain.”
    “You don’t say.”
    “It’s my job to check the rain gauge.”
    “That can’t take you very long!”
    “I’m going to have a rain gauge set up at the front of the Town Hall so that the citizens can check the rain gauge for themselves.”
    “They will be thrilled!”
    “I should say so. Do you know it often rains over the mountains, but hardly ever here.”
    “Remind me what you do again?”
    “I work for the weather bureau, it’s my job to forecast the weather.”
    “Well I don’t mind telling’s starting to rain!”

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